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It’s a story about a misogynist in a misandrist world. BUt there’s hardly any difference in this world and any other generic plain medieval world on this platform. There are a lot of other minor things that bothered me enough to drop it without reading to full but I’ll mention the most glaring. The mc is supposed to be super smart but the author can’t write him smart. So they made others stupid. He will mention the most obvious common sense stuff and then say others were blown away by his intelligence. He’s basically the one eyed king in the land of blind. The world is misandrist but there’s hardly anything mentioned about it. (Except maybe male red light districts. If it even counts as one.) And the repeated (and frankly stupid in this kind of story based novel) trope about mc ”conquering” women to the point of belief reversal with his tool. Anyway I’ve avoided spoilers (I think). This was not for me. Though author’s grammar is fine(which is a prize here), the writing itself can be improved.


The Witch Hunter System


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Couldn’t have said better.... And I think you didn’t mention one thing( This story is slow as f***)


right! and I usually don't mind any type of story if it has a point! but this is just a power trip for ..(ugh, even if I hate the word because it's misused a lot) incels


Honestly reading the synopsis I expected it to be like this. It was either that or a gigolo MC.