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A more “savoury” version of my review at 80 chapters: This is a peak-tier gem. Writing Quality: Pleasant- Very few grammar mistakes and a good level of dialogue-text. System text presented clearly. 5 stars Updating stability: 1ch/day- Great in my books. One of my only gripes with this novel though is the short chapters… some conversations spill into the next chapter which can break immersion. The release frequency balances that out so not detrimental. 4 stars Story development: There’s an established overarching goal and arc goal. It works towards meeting the arc goal with great storytelling and interesting developments and schemes in the background. Probably the best point about the novel. Lemons do not detract from the experience- in some scenes it’s described, whereas others are just post-coital conversations, something I’m grateful for! No dragging of lemons across several chapters + the novel isn’t all about seducing females to get to the top, though that is a part of the MC’s success. 5 stars Characters: The MC is perfect! Rational, practical, good at 😏, and most of all possessive. Definitely No NTR in this novel. Other characters have been portrayed well: Bodyguard recruits are as naive as recruits, City lords are as scheming as they should be, and potential harem members are buttered up well (developments are quick but not dissatisfyingly so). 5 stars World Background: An easy to understand power system which is definitely appreciated! Info is disseminated in dialogues naturally and through non-chunky paragraphs. Hope there’ll be some expansion on the blackthorn kingdom and demon fronts, maybe some political manoeuvring etc in the future. 4.5 stars The MC is an ambitious man who will scheme and subjugate [women] his way to the top. If you like this premise, then you’ll enjoy the novel for sure.


The Witch Hunter System


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Thank you for the review🙏🙇🏻‍♂️ It worked🤧


Review Correction: At the time of writing it was 2chs/day not 1ch/day. All the more reason to read it!!


Is there any similar novels out there and also can anyone tell me if there is a way to read locked chapters for free because i loved the novel so much


Check out the novels on my ‘ongoing reads’reading list mate. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them all.

KoniK:Is there any similar novels out there and also can anyone tell me if there is a way to read locked chapters for free because i loved the novel so much

wish i coukd word my reviw as u did, good job. i agree with the rewvie. 5 stars


Totally agree, one of the best current novels - I only hope that the author doesn't drop it like the rest of his novels 🥺🥺


for me this one of the best plot story i read so far


i want a spoiler. what happen to Eniwise?