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READ TILL CHAPTER 103: This is a typical Chinese cultivation story dressed up to look like a system story. The first 50 or so chapters were decent and felt like a system/dungeon adventure. However, the quality of storytelling quickly drops and becomes reminiscent of the typical cultivation trash. Very little world building. Forced "romantic" relationships that progress too quickly. No sense of anticipation or build-up to a climax. I never understand why people have "tiers" of weapons from E-A but jump straight away to S and SS tier... If everyone is walking around with S tier weapons, then they aren't special. They just become average. YOU ultimately decide how strong each tier is, don't base it off of stories that have come before. The author keeps using 4th wall references to other anime and novels... should probably just go consume them instead of reading this. It's not all bad. There are very few grammatical errors. The story is easy to understand. I have definitely read worse. It's just there is very little here that hasn't been done before in a better way. What really gets me are the relationships. Typical douche bully that gets overly angry/jealous over looks pretty girl gives protagonist. Girls fall in love with the protagonist despite him not doing anything. And all the other cliches..Read it if you enjoy typical cultivation / system with op protagonist and harem. Personally I'm ending my journey here. Best of luck to the author.


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