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Read Till Chapter 800:Was initially a fun and exciting read. Im always happy to see a mc's emotional struggle over their ruthless deeds. People are no doubt going to be changed by the consequences of their actions. However, in this instance, I feel the author went overboard with the characters emotional decline, to the point where I find it down right depressing to read, and constantly asking myself why I am continuing to read it. I'm not convinced the mc's goal/drive in life is powerful enough to push him to such lengths. I find power for powers sake, to be a very useless and boring dream, that I can not sympathise with. The mc has become an empty shell of a person, and I take no pleasure in reading of his feats any more. I'm honestly just bored. Most mcs will go through a "dark time" in their story arc, but this is just endless tedium incarnate. I just keep imagining the stories end, where the mc obtains abosulte power, defeats God, and then what.... he's traded his personality/soul to become a weapon with no purpose in life. Life without passion is as meaningless as power without purpose. Reading this story is honestly depressing, perhaps the author will change it up in the future, but with the length that this dark phase has already lasted for, I think I'll finish it here.No personal dig at the author or anything, it's just not my cup of tea. Best of luck. I might continue in the future once it has been completed.Cheers.


Sword God in a World of Magic


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