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Good plot, terrible execution. Meant to be a warrior in a world where magic reigns supreme, instead got an MC which focuses too heavily on his magical aspects. His personality ain’t so fun to sit through either. God gave him a crazy affinity which essentially permanately destroys anything it touches (slowly eats the world) and gave him control over beings which does the same thing, but like an endless army of them. Then, after that, story goes down from there. MC realizes that he could potentially be an enemy of literally all things living so he became nihilistic and apathetic. Killing innocents, killing children (Mage children obv) and doing anything to further his pursuit of power. He summons those monsters to get more powerful by absorbing the strongest one and then, without caring about the consequences, allows the rest of the weaker ones to just rampage around, leaving other people to clean his mess. Those monsters don’t care about what they be killing either, so naturally a bunch of villages with normal families also just get turned into dust. He ain’t shy in throwing the people who has no beef with him (and even somewhat help him) under the bus if they slightly do anything wrong or inconvenience him. Almost Reverened Insanity-ish but worse since such a personality switch was completely unwarranted, illogical and completely pathetic. I mean, while imprisoned, he taught someone how to be strong and such, but whilst fleeing from the Kingdom, he had to kill him to keep his identity a secret because he recognized him?? What? Why introduce him all together? To change the main characters personality to an unfeeling and uninteresting robot? (There is more to it but if you got to this part then you’ll know what I’m talking about) Honestly it is such a terrible excuse that after seeing no changes later on, as well as the quality of writing taking a dive (often repeating and worthless paragraphs) I decided to just drop the book. Going off in a tangent; don’t get me started on the personality on some of these mages either, despite the book saying otherwise, they DO feel like a hive mind - literally no human qualities on some of these guys, just feels like robots in general. I wish there was some form of rivalry or something with the Magic academy, or more Mage companions that sympathize with the warrior cause (or any new companions in general). Or anything to make the world feel more alive, but no we’re stuck with like 6 people, the rest he just kills off or does not care about them in general. Naturally I did not cover the entire book, and I did not want to either. I wanted readers to know what they’re getting into. This is not a valiant, brave sword man who would shoulder the pressure of the Magic world so that warriors before him may get stronger. But a cold, unfeeling, unholy Summoner, which so happens to have a pretty sword and strong body that constantly brings out an army of plot devices and throws the main idea of the story out the window cause the author himself doesn’t know where to take it. Perhaps the author wanted to introduce plot devices to make the story interesting, perhaps not. I could atleast understand the thinking in some of these decisions, but the story is just all over the place. I personally can’t recommend someone spending money on this book unless you dont mind the MC being a pseudo Calamity Mage with strange applications of Magic and the sword - with the occasional exaggerated panic attacks when he kills something with the slightest bit of significance, of course.


Sword God in a World of Magic


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good review👌 thanks


it's crazy I haven't even got to 100 chapters yet and I had a feeling it was like this. thats why I came to the reviews. thanks


Bro is not a summoner 💀💀💀🗣️🗣️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️👆👆👆👆🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️😭😭😭😭😭😭


I really agree with this review, not going to add another bad ratings for the author but this sums up what I think about it, also to add something the MC has some progress on his morality and character multiple times in the story and then the author resets it back to zero constantly. I stopped reading the story in 550, where the MC became a totally psychotic power thirsty killer who will murder anyone even if there were some alternatives to killing certain people which were established by the author in previous chapters.


He is not a "summoner"


And why should he care about these other people when he "summons" him getting stronger literally kills the world anyway


And the whole point of the story is that he has to sacrifice his humanity for his goal.


Are we reading the same book, Are you even reading the book?


what a great review. good job, I have the same issue with this novel


Bro read another book

RUNE08:what a great review. good job, I have the same issue with this novel

There are two types of readers, new ones that are unable to understand a plot (I recommend you read simplistic stories). And ones that take are able to understand the plot either by ease or effort (I recommend they read this book)