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Call me crazy but I would like my MC to have a higher reason for existing than entertaining a bored God. The novel is mediocre, the power system is not that good with the MC becoming powerful by breaking his body and absorbing mana to heal the damage. Also the MC is limited to not using magic by the God for his amusement and thrown into the middle of a forest in a teenager body with 1 day's supplies surrounded by monsters and no survivalist knowledge but equipped with handy dandy plot armour because why have an MC that can use logic and reasoning to navigate dangerous situations when plot armour does just fine. Overall I give the novel a solid Meh...


Sword God in a World of Magic


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The fact that you need a "good enough" reason to do anything besides "wanting to do it" is just pathetic. In this world of entertainment, act first then make up bulsh*t reason for wanting to do it because by then you could already have the upper hand to say/do more than you previously could. "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission." — Grace Hopper.


i feel like you read 20 chapters and then dropped it pls don't write a review if you haven't even sticked to the end and understood what the novel even is


The power system is amazing and very detailed, and why would he need a higher reason for existing. he exists for his goal to survive and grow stronger, What better reason could there be for existing?