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Review as of chapter 630. Might include minor spoilers but I'll try to keep them to a minimum. Short Version: Stop scrolling through reviews and just go read the novel! Long Version: I'll start off by saying that this novel is simply amazing. Stories like this are what keeps me from just deleting the app due to the sheer number of unreadable nonsense it has. Now for an actual breakdown: Writing Quality - The quality is simply top-notch. No grammatical mistakes, clear and concise sentences that flow into each other beautifully, as well as smooth transitions between different points throughout the story. It's obvious that the author has improved in this regard by quite a bit, compared to his first novel (Lightning is the Only Way), which was already incredible by Webnovel standards. Story Development - The novel is slow-paced for the most part, and especially at the beginning, but I find that positive in this case, since we get a better look at the struggles Alex (later Shang) has to go through to adapt to a completely new reality where his life is constantly on the line. There are eventual time skips in the story, which are unavoidable simply due to the fact that you can't become a Sword God without hundreds (quite possibly thousands at this rate) years of training. Character Design - This is the biggest reason for this novel's success. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is fleshed out in such detail that it wouldn't surprise me if the author one day revealed he has been studying the human mind for over 100 years. As for Shang himself, the many hardships he has gone through and the eventual revelation that he is, for reasons I obviously won't mention here, the enemy of the world (Opposer vibes 😉), have made him resolved to do whatever it takes to reach his goal. He will sacrifice anything and anyone for power. Updating Stability - Not much to say here. 2 chapters a day plus the fact that the author is an absolute legend. Broke both his arms at some point and somehow still pushed out chapters until he was eventually forced to take a small break. World Background - We get a basic understanding of how the world works and how the mages have complete rule over it early in the story and get more and more pieces of information in regards to the powers they wield, as well as the nature of the world itself, as the story progresses. Admittedly, there have been a few instances where the author goes into too much detail about something that isn't really relevant, but that isn't nearly enough to make the story less enjoyable, at least for me. Overall, this is truly an incredible story and I highly recommend it. Truly impressive work so far, Heat. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!


Sword God in a World of Magic


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