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OP? MC got chance to change something in the world three times without any real limits. At first chapter, he made himself bullshit being with all godly traits from cultivation novels. This is only first edit... and he can do two more. I guess this is comedy? I don't feel that someone with all that stuff has possibility of development... No balance. Double pupils?! What's sexy about that... I think author has some insect fetish. This isn't first time in whats next. It seems webnovel loops all the trash few times to release all their junk eventually. TQ - 3 stars. It was probably corrected by I don't give a fuck. They use MT most of the time. Stability of updates? - 1 star. Why give more here? Story dev - 2 star. Standard wuxia- puxia shit-like op mc. Some dev mb. I don't feel it happening after two more cheat-edits getting used by mc. Character Design - 2 stars Not interesting enough to make me read more than first chapters. Other characters feel like typical 1-2 dimensional wuxia npc. Maybe, mc isn't typical wuxia retard but... he will become eventually one. World background - 2 stars. Only because it's not racist modern China novel. I gave it one more. It will be probably default wuxia world with default wuxia stuff. I don't give a fuck about your opinion that this novel is soo great. And I am lyyying that it's not. Your taste is terrible. No more comment needed. Go fuck yourself op insect fetish cunt.


Fantasy: I Became Invincible By Editing Narratives

Brother Mahua

Liked it!

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