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MC just gives away all of his DnD magic away for free. Events just happening randomly without any background reasoning. No background given for the MC and things just go smoothly without any transition whatsoever. He gets to HP world as a squib that was kicked out of family -> suddenly goes to Gringotts to get that family's inheritance (with no indication of how he knew that all members of that family died all of a sudden) -> turns out he is related to Rose Potter (a genderbent Harry Potter) -> suddenly becomes the lord of a town with all people reverently following his every word -> meets Rose (after sending her a letter about their distant relationship) and decides to teach her a Dnd spell for no reason -> Durselys conveniently kick Rose Potter out after she had met him leaving no choice for but for her to reside with him -> lets Hermione (who came to see Rose) go through all of his family's ancient family magic -> starts teaching Rose and Hermione Dnd spells and has them fight Dnd creatures... This story had a lot of potential but was ruined by lack of world building and bad choices made by the author!


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Liked it!

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