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It is a good novel. Don't get me wrong. It has good writing quality and adequate world development . But what ticks me off is its ridiculous slow pace development of the MC. MC is very weak at the start. He takes an oath that he would be stronger than everyone so that he could protect his loved ones. But sadly, the MC does very little to get stronger. I have read a lot of chapters and the MC is still a one star mage. The concept of system is very poorly used for the MC's growth. I know the MC is young as compared to his ridiculously overpowered harem members. But at this pace , MC is gonna need atleast 2000 chapters of story development to atleast come close to his harem members powers let alone his enemies . when I read the description of the novel, I thought MC would go to great lengths to increase his power quickly rather than fooling around with his woman who are marginally stronger than him. I am not blaming the author or novel per se. But this is not my type of novel.


Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System


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Sounds fair, this mc is the type to jump some realms when advancing for a good reason, not saying his growth is not slow it is, I also jumped the bug chunk of training that happened within the timeskip before the academy, which has only been mentioned in way later chaps, but it's for a good reason, I don't know how long you have reached so I don't want to spoil by accident, but let's say that the initial training/knowledge he could have gotten prior to what will happen after the current arc finishes, wasn't worth putting in the story, since we were at the "newbie village", the novel is going to be long yes, but all the setting will be worth it, also I witheld a lot on info about the system on purpose as well as it is an evolution type troupe so you can expect upgrades on that too, hope you give it a chance if not I still thank you for the feedback, don't fix too much into realms in this novel and I think you'll be fine XD