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FIRST I WANT TO SAY THIS NOVEL IS BETTER THEN 3/4 OF THE NOVELS THAT CURRENTLY OCCUPY THE TOP 10 lol [Now for my review] I love everything about this novel starting with the cool Alpha male MC who is good with women, the unique system the MC gets by pushing himself past his limits to protect who he loves, the fun atmosphere and different kinds of characters, a completely different world background compared to other novels ive read, also the harem members stay relevant and you get to see great character development, the mixture of slice of life/action/fantasy/romance/adventure/harem/R18 all meshed together perfectly, another thing I love is how the author didn't follow the trend of making his MC a bashful/dense/lame protagonist like a lot of mcs these days, The MC acts realistic the way he follows his desires protects those he loves and is heartless to his enemies. If I was forced to say anything negative it would be I wish the novel got more then one chapter a day because I can't get enough.


Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System


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