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So far up until chapter 70+ while he is starting in the academy the story seems interesting. The concept is quite good yet I have a few concerns. The fact that this was reincarnation after being regarded as a "Grandmaster scholar" of some sort you would think that he should have the knowledge needed to exceed every one. The fact that he became like that before reincarnation should entail that he should have at least the ability to increase his white core among other things. Frankly, his having the knowledge of the past even as a "Grandmaster scholar" shows no particular big advantage to him and to the story. With his knowledge of the past he should have exceeded every kid in the academy but it was basically not the case in the story. I see no point of him being that "grandmaster scholar" in his previous life since the story would be no different if he was a simple scholar. Another one is the pattern of the story. To be honest, it was quite predictable. Its full of a sort of down path (the challenges for the MC) when in a good story it goes like rise before going down. In here, he basically experience continous challenges that seems too annoying since the world doesnt work that way no matter how fictional it may be there will always be a "good or awesome even or encounter" so to speak.


SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar


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Thanks for your review The MC has lots of advantages It’s just not evident from the start Plus, he intentionally refuses to advance beyond his white core because of the multiple cores he creates That’s how it is As for challenges, tbh, he doesn’t really have any major issues He can solve them pretty easily The crux of the story is something different entirely. You’ll see as you keep reading.


bro you tripping? what part of the story did you skip to make a conclusion of " him being a Reincarnator of grandmaster scholar doesnt change anything"? like did we even read the same story? example of how him being a grandmaster in the past literally influences everything in his second life: first, in the very first few chapters we were shown that he uses one of his best discovery " spellcraft" to kill the assasin, if not for him being a grand scholar, he wouldn't even survive the first month of his secong life as a baby second, him nof advancing after white core is actually on purpose, his discovery in his first life states that he can creater multiple core, IF, I'D SAY IT AGAIN, IF, his first core remain white, so yeah, he wouldn't have known any of that if he wasn't a scholar in his first life, so no, he wont be the same if he's not a grand scholar in his first life and you protesting that the MC have it all too easy, and also protesting that he's not the most powerful/best student in his school is very contradictive lol, you want him to struggle but when he's actually struggling you're making a fuss about it, and yes he's a scholar, so if we're talking about Knowledge, no one beats him in that school, but if were talking about magic power, which is influenced by many thing , knowledge is of course included, but thats not all magic power is about, there's "talent", which the MC lack by having so little mana in his second life, barely passing as a mage, so him being not the most powerful in the school (yet atleast, because even MC body as a teenager has a limitation ) makes so much sense in the latter chapter, and the MC having shortcut .... bro he's literally a Reincarnator of a grand scholar of course for the 100-150 ch everything is gonna be easy for him, the point of him being a Reincarnator (redo) is suppose to make his life easier and gain All the advantage that he didn't get in his first life, but in the latter chapter he'll get quite of worthy opponent, so dont worry