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I must say, this us my 1st negative review that i wrote but it has to be done at some point. One can tell that the Author hasn't written many novels, therefore the vocabulary is a bit limited. This point can be dealt with by just imagining different words to replace the overused once. The real problem comes from, the character design/ world building, story development and uncreative/unrealistic events. The main character has basically no character, like he's just some kid in an adult body. Uninterested in almost anything except gaming, hero's and surviving. He hast no drive for anything except of those things. It doesn't help that he is an irrational, emotionless introvert. How will he ever gain character development is beyond me. All this story is about can be summarized as a glorified super hero collection. That's basically it. The system that was supposed to just help an MC getting op at some point in most stories is doing everything for him. Like auto aim a gun for him, tell him what to buy/upgrade, building stuff out off NOTHING. Please at least put something reasonable in it, I beg you. The world building doesn't exist, the only things that are happening are basic apocalyptic scenarios nothing new really. Character's don't interact much and mind there own business, while being happy to just survive. Sorry to be all negative but I was really hoping for something new and exciting. How can I be if all that happens is that the MC deploys his Robo-Super-Legion to solve everything while hiding in his nonsensical bunker that get a system Nanny. Hope you'll improve your creativity, human interaction and sense of hard fought progress.


When Doomsday Comes, I Can Upgrade My Refuge Infinitely


Liked it!

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