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let me give my review on this. first if you ask me woul I recommend this the answer would be no here is my reasons 1 the mc acts like a child 100% of the time and makes plans with no backing or logic ex he goes outside in his truck to go find disel for his gen with a bulletproof Armour spending a fair bit to get this disel then a group of people come over threating him with a gun to tell him why he is buying diesel he could have either shot them or run away with the diesel what does our mc do he trys to find the background or who is backing them by letting them throw his diesel away then he kills him after the guy shoots the mc so what was stopping him from just killing the guy earlier nothing just word count 2 selfish and annoying to stupid degree he falls asleep while using his drone so Vera gave him a blanket and help him bring the drone back so it doesn't get destroyed sound reasonable right nope for mc she touched my stuff and gave me a blanket I should kick her out of my base and beat her up so he grabbed her hair and screams in her face for helping him take care of his stuff there are more dumb stuff he did but this stood out more for me so yeah recommendation 0 definitely not for me and did I forget to mention this happened in the first 25 chaps I tried to go on but I couldn't.


When Doomsday Comes, I Can Upgrade My Refuge Infinitely


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Yes that was the point one should have stopped reading. Poor Vera [img=faceslap]