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one word - AmazingIt's totally different from the usual cliche stories. Reincarnation is there but the reason behind it has also been explained in the story and I like that part. otherwise, the ML and FL are being reincarnated but without any solid reason (base).The story has a nice pace neither slow nor fast. I like the ML character also ....wow such a handsome black hearted monster our emperor YIN. I like the interaction between FL and ML, when u can't tolerate the slow speed romance and begin to think when they're going to be together. Suddenly, FL herself started pursuing our ML 😅 ( I was dumbfounded literally).The story can be considered to be modern fantasy Romance. It has everything.... action, drama, comedy, and romance. I have read up to 900 chapters and can say this for sure. It's a go to read novel.1monologue - In daxia Empire, FL takes back her luck. Take a rise in her career.2monologue- She met her family, went to the Free Continent. Met her senior brother and sister from previous life.3monologue- Trying to gather all forces and go to fight with a big demon from the Eternal Continent.Happy Reading Guyzz.If you want to know more about the spoiler..comment on my reading list.

After Having Everything Taken Away, She Returns As A God

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