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this novel started of good but quickly became boring and repetitive. the thing that hooked me in the first place that is op but not to an extravagant degree as most of Chinese novels this days are like mv draws an get system at the first chapter which give an god tier cultivation technique and suddenly he he fight 4 to 5 realms above his level. but that the only thing good because it just following the same cliche as other trash novel like young master and his family, aside from that it just fucking slow down further you while been filled with filler chapter like do I really need to read 5 to 6 chapter above him sitting in one plane complain about not have star gate at his home planet or something again stoping at some mod waypoints, meeting an side character and then finally reached his home planet. but breaking point for me was the little sister like literally why the fuck would you add every cliche you can think of in this novel. behold we have the talented little sister (shit) trope and another thing is why the fuck would you teach the same technique which is extremely difficult to your sister the same technique which no one has yet to reach star level other than it's creator. but what an suprise she can easily master the first level.


Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Eight O'clock At Night

Liked it!

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