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As of chapter 1892, Lilith marries Dyons clone, aka junior. Saru is also hinted at being pushed in that direction. to say I am dissatisfied and disappointed is an understatement. as the hints of Lilith and Saru joining Dyons harem have been ongoing for the last thousand chapters. if anyone can tell me if Lilith and Saru continue this path or they join Dyons harem I'd appreciate it. other than that, I've loved it to this point. not sure if I'll continue reading until I get an answer to my question though. I'm pretty ig lol


Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God


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SPOILER!!!!!! BIG SPOILER!!!! So I don't remember exactly when it is explained but it should've been talked about around the chapters you are at. Junior isn't just a clone, as explained, he is basically his own person and Dyon didn't even know he would become like that when he created him 'Dyon created him to absorb the Death God constitution if I remember correctly'. However you might've forgot or missed it in the recent chapters, but it's vaguely explained that Junior and the wives know a secret and are keeping it from Dyon since even with his intelligence he can't seem to figure this secret out 'even Dyon realizes he is forgetting something often and how his soul should've been stronger by now'. The secret is basically Dyon has a seal on his soul, 3 to be exact, he has already released two of them but the last one if released in the mortal realm would literally just destroy it. Literally all of the mortal realm would cease to exist. Also, Dyon is the reincarnation of a certain person who I don't want to reveal. Junior though, being a perfect replica of Dyon, even Dyon's godly soul 'mostly', doesn't have this seal, so he has most of Dyon's past life memories. Junior, Lilith and Saru aren't able to marry Dyon because he swore he would stop marrying girls so he could love the ones he already swore himself to since he felt like he was betraying them the more wives he acquired lol. But with each of his wives and even Lilith and Saru he felt an unexplainable connection with them, this connection was because in his past life they were all married. Junior knows this but Dyon doesn't, but Junior knows he will soon, he also knows he will eventually be absorbed into Dyon as originally intended by Dyon. So this is explained to the two girls by Junior and vaguely or completely understood by the other wives 'I think' so essentially they know Junior and Dyon are one in the same, and the way Junior loves them is the exact same feelings Dyon has for them. They will eventually marry Dyon, yes.