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this is a really 'interesting' novel. It's sort of unique, and i really enjoy the inn development aspect. however, while im less than 50 chapters in, im already disliking the MC. he is given an amazing opportunity and also has realized and experienced the grave dangers around him. however, not once does he decide to properly train before throwing himself into new danger. example of this is that he lazes around at home playing games when he could be training his body or his combat. he received two powerful pistols that he can't handle but hasnt once gone to a gun range to practice his aim with regular guns or train his strength to handle to recoil. i can tell the author has written a mediocre MC, and the only reason he is surviving is HUGE amounts of plot armor. i want to read a bit more. however if it stays like this, then the story is not worth reading.


The Innkeeper


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Brevv I usually don’t comment. But this is my main problem as well. It seems like all the other characters around him have the will to be better and train to be better. But the mc never takes the time out of his day to train. We get bs chapters of him being lazy and playing games, when he can be using that time to actually train to be better. The shii does not make sense.