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Not too shabby. While the beginning stumbles a little as it tries to find its voice, tempo, and emphasis, it eventually settles into its own rhythm. MC could be described as OP while attempting to prove that he is not OP. He always has enough points or luck or items to do everything. At first, Inn is squished to the side as MC does dumb things on earth, but thankfully, before I lost my patience, Inn returns to center stage, with MC's shenanigans diminished. If the author ever considers rewriting the beginning, it is advised that they devote more time to the inn and either reduce or move the MC's shenanigans later. Many low star reviews are about absence of inn in beginning chapters: “Not even half of the first 20 chapter is actually about the Inn.”/Rappel; “This has great potential right until chapter 10. The author completetly ruined their work.”/KIING (10 chapter introduces cultivators on earth and shifts focus from inn to MC shenanigans on earth); “Forced plot with cultivators and his family.”/Elder; Readers dislike for cultivation probably comes from two facts: it takes away time from the inn and every world and dimension has the same type of cultivation. All worlds have similar feeling. It is almost bad as MassEffect color ending. Choose your world, one has humans, other world has humans and dead humans, third has humans and animals, but all of them have cultivation and humans! Even none humans look like humans. Overall, readable novel if you don’t mind OP MC, cultivation, and aliens that are all human.


The Innkeeper


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Overall agree, wish some more focus on inn but at the same time I am glad how it is being taken. Too much attention on the inn can make it bland really quick. Character gotta have flaws and staying only on the inn could be repeative. By not limiting it to the inn while also not making the Mc all powerful the moment he leaves the inn. Wish a few more hiccups existed but personally I enjoyed it thus far.


where did u see an OP MC? I'm at 201 and the MC is more of a coward than anything, even the inn offers him no protection from a golden core cultivator