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A very refreshing novel to read, with a decently planned out plot in the works. The main thing that draws me in is not the system but the mc who is made to be very relatable to your average person. Which I believe will also draw you in, along with the modified cultivation system(power system). In addition to the fact that the mc will be world hopping, meaning that it probably wont be bland or monotonous. And a added bonus to this novel is that the author can actually write normal conversations between people and not change their personality every second nor make everyone a clone of each other when it comes to dialogue. Anyways other than my rant about conversations (I hate Skyrim dialogue so much that I always become a mass murderer), I would recommend this book as it has good potential and a author that knows what their doing. Good on ya author! And thanks for the key to the inn, I'll be enjoying my stay on this adventure. [img=fp]


The Innkeeper


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