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A great novel worthy of this reviews thus far. Story Development:A good premise with good execution overall. Character Development: Excellent... multiple enjoyable characters and mc is slowly being developed while also still entertaining to read in his more "primitive" state. Updating Stability:No clue... hoping it's good cause novel is enjoyable... World Background:Very well done. Give info to introduce worlds but not to much info as to cause confusion. Very well regulated 👍 Writing quality:Very few authors (Light novel wise) are as competent as this one when it comes to writing. Although errors exist, they are small errors which don't impact the overall experience too much. 5/5, would recommend.


The Innkeeper


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Side note: This story has a lot more to it then it would seem at first. The title and description may throw some off making others think that he always lives in the inn like similar novels with a similar premise. Also, addressing reviews from others about forced plot - It's not really forced in any way. Everything isn't completely pointless and normally has a reason that makes sense. Also, it doesn't come out of nowhere but hints are layed throughout the story which is quite advanced overall.