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Ngl I didn't expected much from this kind of premise but you did a good job delivering the story. Also tbth I think this one is better than your first book, you're improving and I, who has read both of your works, love to see you developing so great job. The characters' are still being introduced but I like Sam, he gives me Klaus vibes from the originals and I f'king love it! The world is being set up and you're doing a good job keeping your readers guessing. I don't have much to say about development right now but I think the story is heading somewhere, somewhere I would like to see so good luck writing. There aren't many villain stories. I mean there are story about bad guys, but not villains you know, the kind of people you'd love to read about but hate to meet in real life, Sam is that kind of villain. He calls his murder 'hunt', he talks to the dead body of people that he had killed. He is twisted in the head and I like it so good luck writing him. 4.8 stars for now, I will recommend this to some of my friends too.


Villain's Rising


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Ty ty my friend. And yes writing a sociopathic character is NOT an easy task but hey I wanted to experiment so here it is lol. Thank you for the review! ♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱