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Rather disappointing. The MC shows no skill of his own, completely depending on the system. That's often the case with system novels, but at least display some sort of sense. He knows that his siblings are scheming, yet "I called a taxi for you, and paid for it" and he can't be bothered trying to think what his sister may be plotting? The moment he gets the system, there's basically no point to anything. There's no sense of tension when he doesn't need to put in effort in order to profit. And whatever goal he has is unknown, at least to where I've read it (c35). The romance hasn't developed yet, but I doubt I would've cared either way, considering it's based on super love at first sight or something. The MC and FL seem to be obsessed with each other while knowing absolutely nothing about the other.


Hundred Times Income Multiplier System


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meh, that's why you don't review a novel without reading all the chapters everything you said is answered, for example" the romance " how do you know that they haven't met each other before? i don't want to spoil it, just read it, the novel is really fun~