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[Reviewed on: 06-03-2022] [Reading status: 8th chapter] [Strength: Face slapping, strong character development, fusion of two genres] [Weakness: Well, according to me, it's super cliche cultivation novel] - The title says it all, literally half of the expected plotline. - A possibly weak-to-strong MC - Cliche cultivation settings and world - Magic, pills, martial arts are an expected part along with explicit scenes - A lot of girls, cultivation, energy and the goal to get stronger - However I personally felt that the initial chapters had nothing different to offer. It followed traditional formation and plot to set the ground. - In the midst of ocean of eastern cultivation books what this one has to offer? The NPC theme from prior life seemed to be faded after transmigration, diverting back to old cliche plot. If you're interested in eastern cultivation then this is for you. [Additional remarks] The author has improved visibly compared to his previous books. The flow and pace is good, every scene execution is done wonderfully Talking about grammar and stuff, don't worry over that.


Game Lord's Cultivation System


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does the girl who frames him die?