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(Review 150 chapters+) Positives: The story is very good, with many intriguing mysteries, the real and virtual worlds are very interesting and the game system is great. It's very good to read, with a consistent pace. The story doesn't move too slowly or too fast. Negatives: At the beginning of the work, the author abuses the status window a lot, sometimes unnecessarily. But then he fixes it. I think the care and jealousy of the protagonist's family is too exaggerated. The fascination and adoration the girls feel towards the MC is also exaggerated. SUPER NEGATIVE (ROMANCE - WITH SPOILER): In my opinion the author is making a huge mistake with the relationship between the protagonist and Amanda. She has always loved the protagonist, always wanted his good and cares about him. When the MC unfairly became angry with her because of the incident, she continued to love him, always tried to talk to him and suffered alone for a long time. And after the MC finds out the truth, he friendzones her. He loved her and now the author wants to end it all. Whyyyyy?? On the other side is Luna. The protagonist interacts with her 3 times and in these 3 times the time they interact is a few hours. But that's already being enough to want to arouse feelings for her. DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! and it's unfair to Amanda. Sorry for any mistakes. Google translate.


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That’s life. If he doesn’t have the same feelings for her why is it wrong for him to friendszone her? I get it it’s sad but it happens irl as well. People grow apart from misunderstandings it may be unfair but it would be unfair on him to accept her feelings when he doesn’t fully feel the same. I think the author is soo MG a good job with the romance tbh. I love Luna character and fully want to see them together. You don’t have to agree with me but atleast give it a chance try see it for his point of view



Question: Does the stuff in the VR world effect the real world? As in if they get stronger or get abilities in the VR world do they gain those abilities in the real world? I'm asking because the author stated that the MC was the hope or great benefactor for his whole race.


So, what is this incident about? can someone spoiler me?