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While the setting of a VRMMO as a backdrop of a story is by no means unique nowadays, the author has managed to lure and maintain interest using the MC's past and the interesting implementation of gods and historical figure significance in the form of legacies - which in the context of this story is essentially inheriting said historical figure or god's legacy within the game. I have some speculations as to the significance of legacies as the story unfolds and further develops, but will refrain from doing so till more clues and hints are given. Also, the gradual revelations of Isaac's past in the form of out of context character interactions, character behavior, and dialogue is a breath of fresh air as most authors like to info dump their readers within the first few chapters the entire background of their main character. The gradual revelations add a layer of mystery that acts as a driving force for the readers to continue reading in order to find out what exactly happened in Isaac's past for his character and the characters around him to behave in certain ways. It makes for a much more compelling way of storytelling as readers have to piece pieces of the puzzles using the clues that are given at that moment of time in the story. There are some jarring details in the entirety of this novel, however, one of them being the constant mention of how "pretty" or "beautiful" Isaac is. From the constant misperception of his gender as a female from characters that do not know him, to his "flawless" skin that the ladies get jealous with envy of. I will give the benefit of the doubt and have faith that this is an intentional detail that the author has included in this novel and that it will tie in somehow to the bigger picture of the story later on. In addition to this, there are some inconsistencies to the author's use of literary devices - namely foreshadowing. Not gonna spoil it here, but it was the kind of foreshadowing that reveals to the reader in a single sentence what will happen in the future directly in an overtly obvious manner instead of subtly giving a clue. The juxtaposition of author's clever gradual revelations of Isaac, the world, and the characters around him and awkward bad foreshadowing is jarring to say the least- especially when the latter almost completely destroyed the surprise of certain aspects of Isaac's development in the plot that I'm sure will play a big role. Not bashing the author for this too much, but just wanted to give some feedback so such improper use of foreshadowing or any other literary devices would be improved in the future and in his other stories. Overall, this story has potential and whilst it got some flaws, those flaws can fundamentally be improved upon if the author sets his/her mind to it. I am personally eager to see the development of Isaac and the plot and from what I have read so far, I would recommend this to all who may be interested when reading the synopsis and give it a go. To those who may be hesitant to dive in, still give it a try and formulate your own opinions as what others may not enjoy, you may love.

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