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to put it bluntly. it's absolute trash. don't be deceived by name and synopsis. it's just another Chinese novel with lots of young masters and face slaps. author says mc is 30, but mc acts like a 16 year old teenager. As far as the character development. what characters? apart from typical mc everyone is just the default typical young masters. almost all characters and sometimes even the names are the same. author deliberately tries to weaken mc every time. you can find this in almost every Chinese novels and most of them do a great job if they are all same. idk why this has so many 5 star reviews but many novels are doing better job even with same young masters face slaps. long novel short - mc has treasuure trove of knowledge left by his father. - mc didn't have strong allies but ridiculously strong enemies. - expect a young master face slaping almost every chapter and for no reason - mc has plot armour and power of will. - the end


My Rich Wife

Taibai And A Qin

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put it aside bro tell me your experience of nine star hegemone body art


bro it's good I recommend it

Rohit_Saini_4120:put it aside bro tell me your experience of nine star hegemone body art

I really liked it's all characters specially mc no hypocrisy like other novel and character building is really very good

Nwosu_Chidozie_3732:bro it's good I recommend it

That's because you haven't read most of the chapters. And age doesn't always determine maturity. In any case the real question is what's the story trying to say? The story is simply about a guy from the gutters who rose to prominence and became the Greatest legend who ever lived. But the journey to the top came with hurdles and obstacles which made him a better person as he went along. The story gets more interesting as you read more . Have currently read 2001 chapters and it's great. Sometimes is best not to jump into conclusions that early.