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Overall the novel is mediocre, and okay for killing time. I'm currently 100 chapters into this novel. Though the MC is a reincarnated cultivator it has very little influence on the story. Other than some fighting techniques, old pills, and very little old fashion cultivating the MC doesn't use his past knowledge at all. So in that regard this story is more of a sci-fi novel, than a cultivation sci-fi fusion novel. During the story you learn almost nothing about his past life, other than he was a subpar cultivator. I found it somewhat difficult to connect with the MC, as most of his relationships are not really well fleshed out. Also, the MC's personality is somewhat unstable. Sometimes the MC acts like a young adult, others a wise cultivator, and other times like a child. It's like the MC is going through a constant identity crisis. I'm also confused at how a former cultivator who has wiped out countless lives and seen the worst of humanity, is stunned by some of the stuff he witnesses. My biggest gripe with the MC is that he's really just a cog in the machine, and doesn't have any real goals. Even if he was the climb to the Pinnacle of the armed forces, he'd still just be a cog, and nothing special. The MC is currently going on missions, but they are quick and he is efficient...so efficient there is no thrill in reading the mission chapters. The writing quality starts off pretty bad, but get better in the later chapters. Overall not a bad novel, but nothing revolutionary here.


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