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It’s an ok novel. Atleast better than most in this platform. Reviewed at ch 200 Personal Score - 7/10 MC - vagrant cultivator turned serious loyal soldier. His past life is only significant at the start and with regard to his combat/survival skills. He’s still OP though with edgy/cringe-y moments. Side Characters - generally bland and predictable but inoffensive. They’re not really vital to the story as almost everything is dependent on the intervention of the MC. Romance - it’s cute but it was too abrupt and became predictable. MC also suddenly had a goofy personality when it did happen which is kinda weird given the prior chapters leading to that. But he then switches to a cold and uptight personality at will. World Building - the world is grand, vast, and curiousity inducing. Mechas are a thing but not really a big part of combat as of yet which is weird because it was the focus at the start. It’s Plot - It’s ok. Nothing ground breaking. Imagine a Starcraft Terran novel but with cultivation levels. One criticism is that the plot is too MC-centric as mentioned earlier. Dropped at 200 because I’m really not a fan of the loyal and uptight soldier trope. Seems too propaganda-ish to me. Also the plot became uninteresting to me as it everthing became a “serve your country” plot. But it’s good though so give it a shot.


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