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I love the quality of this novel. It's exactly the type of novel I'm looking to read in my spare time. This novel features an OP MC, a direct progression of the story, and a clear power system. The author's style and pace in his chapters are comforting to read and you can clearly feel that a clear effort of world-building is established in the story, so props for the author for that. My concern through the progression of the story (without spoiling anything) comes with the characters themselves. The MC does not have any philosophy for himself, or in other words, he is the type of every generic cliches that act like the MC empathizes with the weak and is clearly a beta male then in the next chapters the same MC becomes arrogant and thinks every single species are just ants to him. The same could be said to some characters in the story too. All in all, I'd strongly recommend this to readers who want to have a quick read. In the end, face-slapping novels are still satisfying to read.


Ace Of Terrans


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where has this novel "good quality" at least if you mean writing quality its maybe 2/5 if you are generous....