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This is a novel about a guy who transmigrates to the body of a sect master of a destroyed sect. He is reborn with a sect building system that is based on a (mobile?) game he played in his previous life. Unfortunately the author chose to write the novel in the style of making the main character look cool is more important than the story and world building. Even just looking at the free chapters it is already clear that thr plot armor is far stronger than that of most novels in the genre. It goes so far that world building doesn't always make sense with what the mc does and very often motivations for actions taken by characters is questionable. And even though the author tries to make it look like the mc can be in danger but bc the plot armor is so obvious there is never any suspense about the mc winning or losing a fight. In some fights the author even just straight up says the opponent, who is a major realm stronger than the mc, cannot win before the fight even starts. This novel can also be explained as a not so original idea delivered with mediocre writing quality and storytelling. Having said that I have also seen many novels who done far worse but don't have expectations when reading this, it is a time filler at best.


Cultivation: I Inherite The Strongest Account In A Sect Simulator

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