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Garbage, the author baits you into reading by telling you about the rewards the mc is getting but then pulls this extemely overused, cliche and disgusting "t-the mc can't use these rewards, his foundation can't take it! p-please t-think about his foundation!" plot and makes the mc a generic "slow cultivator who can fight people across realms", a chapter later the mc magically remembers about the monthly log-in reward, a godly pill that stabilizes foundations.. and of course he gives it to his disciple. And let's not get started on the generic "junior you dare" writing, 15 chapters in and his enemy already knows about him and his location (he received a skill that helps him evade divinations but his enemies simply have to divinate his disciple's location to get to him! HAHA) and there's a middle-stage nascent soul about to come and steal his disciple (he's at the peak of foundation, about to break to core, and the author just said that he would be able to fight peak cores as an early core, even tough he should be able to fight nascents because of his godly physique!) so yay, fake tension! With these many inconsistencies barely 15 chapters in i'm dropping it.


Cultivation: I Inherite The Strongest Account In A Sect Simulator

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