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I read all 45 of the available chapters and, while it wasn't terrible, it also wasn't very impressive. Going in, I thought that the MC "inheriting the strongest account" would cause him to instantly be extremely powerful but... no. In reality, it just gives him a huge pile of resources and a million years of "accumulated cultivation" that he can use. The resources help him built up his sect (and the system missions he has gotten so far are also focused exclusively on building up the sect) while the "accumulated cultivation" can be used in small bursts to help him bypass the middle stages of each cultivation realm - but then he still gets bottlenecked before advancing a major realm like all other cultivators. So, while his golden finger gives him immense advantages in speed of cultivation, ultimately the author is walking the same tired path of having the MC slowly advance his cultivation realm by realm. Of course, almost every cultivation novel is like this so it's not a huge knock against the book. I was just somewhat expecting something different because of the title. As for the story itself, well there are only 45 chapters to review, but it also seems pretty bog-standard. The premise that MC is a sect master is good, because it forces MC to interact with other characters regularly, but it's also somewhat annoying when he attracts random hatred from a dozen different factions because of the baggage brought along by his disciples. For instance, his third disciple is a stereotypical jade-like beauty who is also secretly an abandoned princess, but then when MC uses his golden finger to awake her hidden bloodline (heh heh), the empire behind her jumps out to make trouble - sending a few batches of mooks to try to kill MC and bring the princess back. Coincidentally, each new batch of mooks is appropriately leveled to MCs own current level, each batch being strong enough to pressure MC, but weak enough for MC to defeat. And that's why I call the story bog-standard. The MC makes enemies for reasons at varying levels of contrivance, and those enemies are always stronger than MC, but not so much stronger than him that the situation seems completely hopeless. Then, there the same predictable song and dance where the enemies send out people to deal with MC over and over again, and each time the thugs are a bit stronger than MC, but MC can still beat them thanks to his OP main character cultivation techniques. Basically, all the foes in the book are just brain-dead mooks who extend their faces for MC to slap, then go back and call their grandpas to let MC slap those faces too. The only facet of the story that seems to have some potential for originality is the whole "sect building" part, but by chapter 45 MC only has 4 disciples and the sect is barely getting off the ground. Building a sect and being involved with various disciples and their problems could bring about some interesting story arcs and character-building moments in theory, but at this point, it's still too early to say. tl;dr: All I've seen in the first 45 chapters is a very generic cultivation novel. If more chapters come out, I will probably read them to see if things improve.


Cultivation: I Inherite The Strongest Account In A Sect Simulator

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