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I'm giving up on this story improving in the late 400s (476 I think) and I'll say with a bit of bitterness that the sunk cost kept me reading much longer than curiosity or continued interest. The passive system in the earlier chapters is, while not original, it was not overpowered. There was potential for the system to develop and at points the system was expanded upon but at several turns those developments were abandoned entirely. By later chapters, drawing is arbitrary- there are detailed chapters of MC analyzing their current build, pointing out where the system has yet to completely break with the world building only for the system to give a handout at that exact moment... By then the MC is already jumping realms and tanking would-be threats so the introduction of more passive skills at that point is just padding and fluff. A number of story threads get abandoned early that, in my personal opinion, would have been more entertaining to read than a repeat of new city where everyone is stronger and geniuses scoff at MCs powerlevel. MC character development is something like going from just trying to survive, to planning to live long enough for the system to produce hundreds of skills, to a sense of self-awareness that their situation is constant danger and death is real possibility (if you allow a suspension of disbelief) and then finally having a ridiculous extra life and throwing caution to the wind. Highly disappointed in a work of fiction that shows a bit of self-awareness regarding common tropes in this sort of cultivation-based world building but still follows the template/formula and lets whatever originality it had at the start completely collapse on itself.


I Cultivate Passively

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