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First, I really love the drawings. It is rare to come across a manhua with so many fan service images (as in, images of them in the modern world, chibis, their kids etc). It was very well done. The only issue was the censored kisses and intimate acts. As for story development, I sometimes felt that the story was disjointed in some places which left one feeling as if they had skipped chapters. Other than that, there were quite a lot of loose ends that never got tied up in the end. However, I really liked the plot which was why I felt that it was a pity that the creator didn't exploit it to its fullest potential. Character design.....*sigh*, I had a bit of an issue here. I felt that most of the characters were too shallow and their reactions to certain situations were too superficial. That said, all characters were very beautiful which could alleviate a lot of my discontent. Overall, this manhua is worth reading and I will certainly reread it at some point in the future.


Tale of Dragon Morph

Ji li

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Having originally started reading this on Wecomics, I think a lot of the problems with the story flow are from the translator skipping parts or putting them in the wrong order. I found the raw versions at one point and there were several pages there which were not in the translation.

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