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This series has things it does well, and things it does poorly. The lead is entertaining, and his way of thinking seems pretty easy to follow, you can generally say he's being smart without being omniscient like a lot of 'smart' characters are written. Still, he's kind of a hypocrite, and often a jerk even when it has no benefit. A big problem with this is actually the other characters. None of them can keep up, even slightly, both in power and in character development. Liam eventually marries, but there is no ceremony, and barely any lines spoken between these formerly important characters because they are now just things that Liam has won. It all happens off screen. Still, the writing is fine. I could do with less of the rapey shit, though it's not as common as some trash on this site. I would say this is just one level above junk food. Not great, not phenom. Good when you're on lunch break though.


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Liked it!

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