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great potential ruined by dumb shit first of all the dialogues overexplaining over and over again the same fking thing then the conversations are straight up pathetic and retarded also the mc tries to make everyone look smart but instead they look all fking retards especially his aunt first with the dumb conversation about his mother and his feelings towards what she did and then with the subpar seducing and lastly and where i stopped reading after he seduced her to foreplay what he said was retarded and fking impossible for his age and his "inexperience" after she said she should look for other channels to calm down the urges he shoulve acted mad and possessive to stop her instead he told her some dumb things i didnt bother to read clearly


Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil


Liked it!




the author* tries to make everyone look smart and he also tries to make everything super complicated af like there is this but you have to do this and then that also doing this and ofc not forgetting that thing etc