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Mr. author I really liked this story so can you do me a favor can you stop switching the Krid into bell because it's irritating can you make bell disappear in which I can give your novel power stone that I gain on daily login thank you very much if you do me this favor and English language is not my main language so if you have any difficulty in understanding so sorry for that


The Last Glimmer Of Hope


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I Understand You... I Can Make Bell Soul Disappear But I Need Some Sort Of Event To Do It... The Last Problem Is That Every Time Hestia Updated Bell Stats... She Peaked On The Memories Of Bell... And I Cannot Just Make Our MC Memories Disappear Like That Because I Need It For My Future Events... In Short I Can Make Bell Disappear But It Will Be Harder For Me To Create Some Kind Of Excuse... But Worry Not I Will Create Some Kind Of Event That Will Make Bell's Soul Disappear.