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Here are my honest thoughts based on what I have read so far: I really like the author's writing style, it is very fluent and smooth to follow especially. Moreover, it felt like I am reading an amazon level book and I know it's a first-person, but the author manages to make not like somebody talking to me because some novel in Webnovel in my opinion, felt that I am talking with them. As for the character, they are all quite interesting I guess based on what I read in the three chapters. Especially the interaction between the main character and the mysterious elf boy added so much flavor to their characterization. Therefore, I believe the author will fully develop their motivation and the ongoing obstable with their problem since I can clearly see a direction. For the world building, I do like the author give a short description and lore about the world especially the sun elf. Hence, I do want the author expand more about the world of elf itself especially the Sun elf that have a very impactful influence to the main character which is cliche, but at least it has direction for that too. Overall, this novel is quite solid fantasy so far from what I read and there is a potential of it. I think that's all I have to say and thank you very much. Keep up the good work!!!


The Prince Of The Elves


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