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This book is innovative. But i'm stuck at chapter 25 and can't continue it. Here are its pros : - The book has original ideas - The Mc is smart - There are many worlds to visit( those who like world-hopping might like that) - The author is active in the comments - The updates are regulars - The writing quality is one of the best on this app Now, the cons : - The characters are unappealing. Honestly, despite knowing the Mc’s goal and despite the prospect of having many other worlds to visit , i didn’t feel interested enough to continue reading. And this is mainly due to the Mc. He doesn't show much personality and is boring .( Even if you wanted him to be a loner most of the time, you could have given him entertaining thoughts, author) It's like he exists only to be an excuse for us to discover the fabulous world that the author has created. What about side characters then? they are worse than the Mc. The book sure does have a good plot. But with characters as shallow, the interest one might have for it is quickly overshadowed by the boredom brought by the characters themselves, and the realisation that they only exist to drive the plot. - The pace is slow. This might equally be a good thing for some. However for me , this-together with the shabby characters - only reinforce the feeling of boredom. - The tone of the book is uniforme. The book always feels serious and it's also boring . Author, you could have tried to write some comic moments to break a bit the feeling of monotony the book gives. Overall , this book doesn't lack ideas but feelings . I sincerely pray for the author's improvement in this area. Also, i hope that i didn’t sound harsh to you ( author) while writing this review. Good luck with your work!


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That was a pretty fair assessment. Do try to continue further and tell me if your opinion changes.