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lets start this off by disclaiming i am exposing my thoughts in this review and not trying to undermine the authors work. Now with that out of the way here are my thoughts, first the writing quality of the author he has a very active and creative mind which we can see through reading his novel. although he has this weird kink in his writing that most authors get caught up with which is showing instead of telling a story, through the novel it will become apparent that every characters inner thoughts become written out and shown to you (im not talking about the mental energy) although the author does do better on this in the later parts it is still prevalent. furthermore the conversations sometimes feel like their on rail tracks with it consisting of mc being explained something grasping it then the characters showing surprise at him grasping it rinse and repeat. Althought not from experience i have also seen complaints of info dumping as well aside from those three nuances the writing is superb and the author has alot of talent for writing and envisioning a novel. Next story development now this is slightly tricky however i can say without doubt the story overalls development is divine starting on earth then hunting systems across other planes is an uncommon thing in a novel i dont have any qualms about it. Next character design the wide array of characters does provide a feel of individuality the problem i mentioned earlier exists with the characters almost feel like their having pre planned and rehearsed conversations and in rare cases having unhumanlike reactions. along with the mc feeling a bit too omnipotent being able to dive into something and understand it getting a surprised reaction rinse and repeat.Next updating stability its completely fine no qualms. Last and final one world background the author manages to blend the story and world info together seamlessly allowing the reader to envision the subject while also having a large degree of freedom to customise the envisioned concept. all in all while not the best definitely up there in the top %


I Hate Systems


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