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Overall : the synopsis was attractive and so is the story itself. The story plot seems interestingly unique and I can see the story’s potential to soar to great heights!! The flow was great, not too fast nor slow! Writing quality : the writing style was great , making it easy to understand and read the story! It's also written in a first-person view! Updating : the updates seem fine as this book is new and only has 5 amazing chapters so far! Characters : Ella has a not great kind of family background with a kind of family that does not care nor like a single bit about her. The descriptions of the characters were great and were distinctive enough to show what they look like and the differences! The characters and the monsters were well written and described out!! World background : There were some small details about the world and surrounding here and there in the paragraphs which is good~! there were some bits here and there about the surroundings around like the mansion, how the mansion looked like on the inside! My thoughts : the story captivated me and it was interesting! I really love how the story started out and it got me reading on. I do hope to see more of this with the upcoming chapters and I can tell the author knows where they want to take the story to! Great work author and keep it up! ✨✨


The Mask Of The Monster


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