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If you like slow burning books, this is your wet dream. This book burns like water. The plot very rarely progresses. The book is supposed to be a world-hopping book, but so far we’ve only seen one world. It’s too slow for me, which sucks because I really liked this book when it was progressing. This author really should be a writer for one piece because they can write for days and not progress an inch into the story. I want to skip to the end of the first arc, but somewhere in the 300+ chapters I skipped a few things happened and I’m not gonna bother to sift through the filler to find something that actually matters. I’d have better luck trying to find a drop of freshwater in the middle of the ocean. TL;DR: god this story is slow.


The Villainess with a Heroine Harem


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I really can't defend myself here, ahhh. You're right. It does get really, really slow after a while, doesn't it? I kept saying that I'll fix it in the second world, but... there's no way to fix the first world's pacing without making a mess.