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I was originally expecting a novel akin to "Coming of the villain boss" and "The final boss is no joke." The start was quite good and has a lot of potential but overtime it has started to become a slowburn fanservice novel. Instead of plot advancement, several continous chapters are spent with flirting, teasing, and getting chummy2 with the female characters. By chapter 190+, she was not even close to being at the top of 'that world.' Now here's the thing, the intro said there are many worlds out there. How many chapters will that make? How boring will it become by then? Author should've considered plot advancement first and foremost like getting 1 to 3 girls per world instead of making it into some sort of yuri slice of life (In the first world no less). To put it simply, I just can't picture out the future of this novel. It was like the novel itself is some sort of fan service comedy. Anyways, I was quite disappointed since I've read the other novel 'Rebirth of evelyn knox' was it? Now that was certainly good, with clear plotline and all. Anyways, Ciao!


The Villainess with a Heroine Harem


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Thank you for your feedback! I'm sorry that the story didn't meet your expectations, but I'll try to improve on the points you mentioned in the future.