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world building is nice. I'll admit, sometimes I catch myself just waiting for something to happen, but I feel like all this buildup will lead to something good. additionally there are some flaws with grammar, but not to the point where one cannot understand the sentences. In the end i'd say this is pretty entertaining and promising. I'm not gonna be hard on the reviews since this is webnovel, not some highly acclaimed published. I should also say that I am only 30 chpt in, so I am sure that there will be improvement. overall this book does its job of entertaining me relatively well. I'd give it a read if you've got nothing else to do.

The Rise Of Calamity


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Thank you for your review! I know there is quite a problem with the grammar however, it does reduce exponentially later on. On the same note, I will be going back and fixing the grammar mistakes whenever I get time. Right now I am stuck with college, 14 chaps/week for the month, and exams on the horizon so I am sorry I cannot fix them right away.