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I was really enjoying it a lot, I would give it 4.8/5. Even the training part is boring. the part of the store, the virtual world, the customers is very pleasant. But my opinion changed after chapter 419 and information I heard from chapter 500. But there's one thing, when you create a mystery you have to give an answer, it's okay to take time. But don't pretend you're going to give an answer, to deceive the reader and not answer anything. It's okay that the mc's past is a mystery and everything related to the system, but you put him on a mission that lasted more than 250 chapters, so when he has the answer, why are they trying to attack your store, you just don't answer causing the enemy to self-destruct. Another disheartening thing is putting these voices from the higher dimension, talking and laughing about the MC. You create an mc who appears to be superior with a system that is not afraid of anything below the Devas and is now full of superior beings laughing and treating the MC like a toy. I thought mc would be a reincarnation of some great being or his son, but actually he and someone being used, that's disappointing.

The First Store System


Liked it!

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