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let me start this off as usual stating these are my thoughts and are by no means targeting the author or telling him to change how his novel is written now with that out of the way. Writing quality there are grammatical errors but can be tuned out and still enjoy the novel the problem is with the author showing the novel instead of telling it all thw characters emotions are laid bare for the reader to see removing the neccesity to think about them making them feel 2d. Story development. the prologue is.... interesting to put it simply the authpr decided to cut out enjoyable parts to make room for a 3~4 chapter info dump being quite a slog to read through. if the reader(you) do not have the paitence for that i suggest not even thinking about reading. Character design the only positive thing i can say about it is the author did well on lily and Mc i cannot extend this to the rest of the characters as it is extremely forced (think of a basic cultivation novel) World background the author did well with the world background having the potential for 5 stars if it wasnt buried in with the info dump i talked about earlier. All in all it is barely able to be considered as a time waster give it a shot though you migjt enjpy it idk


The First Store System


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forgot about the makeup of the world he is in is nonsensical and defies all laws of pyshics


Someone doesn’t know what fantasy novel means 💀

Asplaim:forgot about the makeup of the world he is in is nonsensical and defies all laws of pyshics

Thanks for the review!