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Compelling and well written fantasy story. It's that kind of story that the more you read the more addicted you become. First of all, I love the name of the female lead. Both leads are well written, author does a very good job in portraying her character as a smart and careful person. Cassandra as female lead, is very intriguing character. Though she has many flaws, don't worry because there is Aiden, the male lead who will make her complete. The story is well written. Author is pretty good with her choice of words and her style in structuring sentence. Her writing is cool and neat. You could feel the characters through their interaction which is written in fresh and unique style. The story development has been great so far, the anticipation and guessing keeps me at the edge every time. What I like most though, is Cassandra's ability to read people mind. Author does a great job in executing this aspect with her interesting choice of words. Honestly, as for what I dislike in this book, so far, I found none that's why I couldn't give my critique. It's a nice reading experience and overall I like the story, sadly there aren't many chapters available at the moment. Anyway, best luck to you IrisSky!


CASSANDRA: The Unfavored Princess


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