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Well, was never the type to give reviews and am also terrible with words. But considering that I’ve seen this story take shape since it’s inception, I decided to go with it. An exceptionally dark story with a charismatic anti-hero that will absolutely satiate the closet sadist in you. With a complex background and characters the story showcases the power struggle and the ruthless ease with which the MC overcomes it, while also toying with everything and everyone that stumbles on his path. A great mix of gore, humour and mature themes that always brings a satisfying smile to the reader. My favourite thing about this book is the non-linear storytelling that author incorporates and also the subtle plot points sprinkled here and there for the readers to unravel and in turn get more engrossed into the story. This is truly a masterpiece and without a doubt one of the best stories I’ve read. And it will soon be one of the best on this site. Keep up the good work author. Just phenomenal.


The Way of a Demon Lord


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is there a romance here


What do you mean you're terrible with words? You write better than many authors that I've seen on this very platform. Btw, I completely agree with this review. If the elements enumerated here attract you, you should totally read this.