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I had high hopes for this novel. For once it's an Undead MC without humanity. And then the shocker happens. He chances upon a level 200 Vampire Princess in the 3rd level of the catacombs (for context the highest level undead in the 3rd level is 20). The Vampire Princess is of course in deep sleep so the Undead MC molests her for a bit, and when she wakes up he obviously promises to do her bidding. Now he has to go on a quest to fulfill her request (which conveniently turns into a mission from the system). Oh, did I mention that the author spends an entire chapter describing how drop-dead gorgeous the vampire princess is? Now I have. To add, after chapter 20 it's revealed that the protagonist isn't going to stay very monstrous (in personality) for long. The system for no reason whatsoever has gave MC the choice to retrieve his soul back. After he has his soul, no doubt the author will use it as an excuse for the protagonist to turn into a typical Japanese isekai MC. The horror!


Dictator of the Undead: Evolution from a Skeleton Soldier

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